Out of all the parts on your car, your tires should never be taken for granted. They do more than transport you from Point A to Point B – they also keep you safe on unpredictable road conditions. As one of the leading Mitsubishi service center in Oak Ridge, TN, our technicians at Ole Ben Franklin Mitsubishi  will help you care for your tires. We specialize in all types of tire care, from tire pressure checks to rotations and alignments.

One of the best ways to care for your tires is by making sure they’re properly inflated. Each set of tires is designed to have a certain level of air pressure, but temperature, road conditions, and other factors can affect your tire pressure. Without proper inflation, your tires can easily blow out on the road and severely dampen your driving experience overall.

Another way to take care of your tires is monitoring wear and tear. Your tires will wear no matter what, but it’s important to make sure that they wear evenly. You can ensure even tire wear by rotating your tires whenever you get your oil change. Alignment also plays a huge role in tire wear; when your tires aren’t aligned properly, they can wear down at different angles. Checking your alignment is another form of service that can help you get the most out of your tires.

Lastly, we suggest you keep an eye on your tire’s tread levels. Over time, your tread grooves wear down, which prevents your tires from gripping the road properly. For this reason, when your tread is low, we highly suggest ordering a replacement set of tires.

Tire maintenance can seem complicated, but with the help of our technicians, the process can be made simple. When you stop by Ole Ben Franklin Mitsubishi, you won’t just find a great team of Mitsubishi dealers and maintenance experts, but you’ll also find a group of people who have your best interests in mind no matter what.